The Boy in the War Zone

After the bombing, a terrifying silence descended on the small town. The relief work had ended and few people could be seen in the streets. There was no sign of Germans in the vicinity. I was just hanging out in a courtyard close to the house when suddenly I caught sight of a soldier. He had a strange helmet and carried a short gun. From that and the uniform, I knew right away that he was an Ally. He smiled at me. “Liberation” had finally arrived. I learned soon enough that it was a New Zealander that liberated me. Just a few hours later we began to receive food from an Allied military truck. The first thing I ate was out of a tin can, a vegetable soup. It was accompanied by a soft white bread, hitherto unknown to us.

The following days were filled with excitement. I was free to roam near the via Flaminia where an incessant procession of tanks, trucks and jeeps was moving forward. I had made a few friends and together we explored the blockhouses along the road and in the fields. I found my toys there among piles of different kinds of ammunition. I quickly learned how to discharge the small bullets, shaking out the gun powder. With time I found a way to
discharge bigger bullets. The powder provided me with the material to make fireworks.

4 thoughts on “The Boy in the War Zone

  1. You have been someone that left quite an impression on me, when I had the opportunity to hear you speak in Nicki’s Italian language class
    around 2009 at SU. Just a highlight as you have so many who follow and travel with you. My father-in-law lived in Tavagnacco, Undine, Italy
    as if I remember as Nicki’s family did too. I was moving to Strasburg and you gave me your view on that town. You where right.
    I would love to buy a copy of your book or is it only digital? The cover is so moving to an aviation enthusiast, former UAL Concierge.
    Sure would like to hear your view on the direction you feel the country is headed? No pressure . The best to you and your family.
    Stay safe and be well.

    Jocelyn Vena
    174 Daniel Ct. Strasburg, VA 22657
    540 313-5522


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