SCRIBE- Thirty Years as a Foreign Correspondent in America

Dear friends, I am proud to advise you that my book SCRIBEThirty Years as a Foreign Correspondent in America – is finally available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon. SCRIBE encompasses thirty years of my work as a foreign correspondent and a roving journalist in the world, covering the most disparate events and most particularly those in the capital of the United States where I landed in December 1960. I am confident that reading my book will help many to retrace a long spell of history unfolding under the restless and dedicated eyes of an Italian-born journalist who became an eyewitness to American history, from the Vietnam War to the struggle for Civil Rights. The thrust of the book is something altogether different from history books or memoirs of people in the public eye. It is an intimate yet piercing look from both a narrative and cultural angle. It is addressed to different kinds of readers, including the millennials, in the very personal style of a writer who tried to make good use of his acculturation with his adopted country, the United States.

Cari amici, spero Vi piacerà questo libro di memorie, SCRIBE, che narra la mia vita come corrispondente dagli Stati Uniti ed inviato speciale in svariati angoli del mondo. Ho scritto questo libro in inglese in omaggio al mio Paese di adozione, agli americani campioni di libertà e diversità, ed a tutti coloro che pur non essendo anglosassoni mostrano un interesse non superficiale negli Stati Uniti. SCRIBE è il mio tributo ad una nazione che ha dato una nuova impronta alla storia del mondo e che ho avuto il privilegio di conoscere a fondo.

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